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Below is a 10-point checklist for all potential vendors:

Step One - A valuation of your property is Free of Charge, and you should invite more than one Estate Agent to carry out the Market Appraisal of your home…

Step Two - Prepare a list of questions that you will need to ask and do not feel 'undermined' by doing so.

Step Three - Ask for a Marketing Report, not just a Valuation, as this will give you an insight as to what the Agent does whilst working for you.

Step Four - Make a choice by your 'gut' instinct, rather than the highest price given, as it has been historically proven that some Agents will over-price your home in order to get the business.

Step Five - Do not instruct the Agent who gives you the lowest commission rate. Could you trust them to negotiate the best price for you, if they cannot negotiate their own fee?

Step Six - Once you have decided which agent to instruct, ensure that you do not restrict yourself to a Contract for more than four weeks. If your Agent is good enough, this is a fair time period.

Step Seven - Ask your Agent to show your property in the best 'light'. Insist on colour property details and do not allow them to send these out until you are satisfied.

Step Eight - Ensure that all appointments are accompanied. You are paying the Agent, so why should you sell the house?

Step Nine - Make a condition that you have feedback after each appointment. If your Agent does not do this, he is not fulfilling his obligations.

Step Ten - If you can see that these points are in your best interest -

This is the standard service from Peter Carrol & Co

All valuations by Peter Carrol & Co are free of charge

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