About Peter Carrol & Co

Peter Christofi and Carrol Blackwood

During their vast experience with one of the largest Independent Estate Agency Group, both Directors of Peter Carrol & Co., Peter Christofi and Carrol Blackwood, had at various times managed the country's No. 1 sales office. They had also, on numerous occasions had the prestigious title of Sales Negotiator of the Year.

It is this experience and success they aim to provide for the discerning Neasden and Dollis Hill residents. They believe the public deserve a choice when considering which Estate Agent to entrust with the sale of their property.

Below are some Questions and Answers which will hopefully go some way towards explaining what Peter Carrol & Co. is all about:

How did Peter Carrol come about?

Peter: "Myself and Carrol met about six years ago, when we both worked for one of the UK's largest Estate Agency groups. I was the Area Director for North London, and Carrol was on of the company's most successful branch managers."

Why did you want to open up your own Agency?

Peter: "In my role as Area Director, I found that I was no longer doing what I enjoyed, which is meeting people and selling houses. This had been playing on my mind for some time, and all that was holding me back was finding somebody as enthusiastic, professional and dedicated as myself."

Why set up in Neasden?

Carrol: "I have lived in the area for many years now and I recognised some time ago that Neasden lacked a 'choice' of Agents when it came to buying or selling your home."

Peter: "Having been brought up in this area, it is somewhere I feel comfortable and I have many friends who live locally."

Do you simply deal with selling properties?

Carrol: "No - based in our office, we have a lettings manager, Jon Fishman, who can handle all aspects of Lettings and Property Management and Mary Pilgrim from Linear Mortgage Network is our Mortgage Specialist."

Yes, but what sets you apart from other agents?

Peter: "We strongly believe in Customer Care and have made it one of our priorities - as we know what the public think of Estate Agents!"

Carrol: "As mentioned before, both of us wanted to create and environment of professionalism and dedication to our work and service."

How has the public responded so far?

Peter: "We have been warmly welcomed. It is obvious from speaking to the local community that they appreciate the fact that they now have a choice of Agents."

Carrol: "We already have had an overwhelming response from our advertising and marketing literature and we have already built a sizeable portfolio of available properties. Every resident and every household in Neasden and Dollis Hill will soon be receiving the Peter Carrol & Co Guide to Buying and Selling property."

As a 'taster,' ten points on how to market your home are listed here.